TFP 009: Jason Jung on the Challenger Tour and Reaching the Next Level

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ATP Pro Jason Jung is ranked #245 in the world. He is a regular on the Challenger Tour and is working hard to make the main draws of ATP and Grand Slam events.

Jason spoke with me about his junior career, college tennis, and his plans to reach the next level in his tennis career. He also answered several questions from TFP listeners.

Jason discussed his love for competition, how he dominated in the juniors, and how his decision to play tennis for the University of Michigan helped better prepare him to become a professional tennis player.

Jason has a fantastic blog at where he talks about his tennis experiences and travels around the world.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Jason was always a top-ranked junior despite a height disadvantage
  • Why Jason decided to play college tennis at Michigan instead of going pro
  • How college tennis prepares you for the pro tour
  • The difference between players in the Challenger Tour and the Futures Tour
  • Specific drills that Jason does to improve his game
  • Why Jason is trying to hit more balls crosscourt
  • The racquet and string that Jason likes to use the most
  • Jason’s diet, and why moderation works for him
  • Money saving tips on the pro tour

and more!

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