Tennis Technique

Proper tennis technique is vital to your success and enjoyment of the game. It is extremely crucial to start your career with efficient and sound stroke mechanics.

If you don’t, then you will either spend a lot of time fixing your technique, or even more time suffering on the tennis court.

Have you ever played against someone and hoped that they didn’t hit to your backhand?

Do you prefer returning because you have a hitch in your serve that causes you to double fault when the match is on the line? 

While there is also a mental aspect, the reason why you suffer in these situations is because you do not have sound technique on your tennis strokes.

To maximize your tennis potential, you must learn the right technique and practice it over and over again until it becomes second nature. Once you reach this point, you will be extremely confident in your strokes and the positive results will follow.

Below are my articles on tennis technique. In addition, you should seek coaching, read books, watch videos, and read articles to learn the proper mechanics of the various tennis strokes.

While there isn’t one right way to hit a backhand or a serve, there are fundamental techniques that most successful players adhere to.

I will update this page as I write more articles and put out more information on tennis technique. Enjoy!

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