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1 Tomas Berdych body serve

Win More Doubles Matches – The Body Serve

The most effective and underutilized serve in doubles is the serve to the body. Serving to the body is optimal because returners have more trouble directing this serve where they wants it to go (i.e. away from the net player). If a serve is hit to the body, the player must quickly move out of the way and […]

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The Key Statistic That Wins Tennis Matches -

The Key Statistic That Wins Tennis Matches

The key statistic that wins tennis matches more than any other is second serve points won percentage. How do I know this? I’ve got the raw data to prove it. Take a look at the infographic I created below. The player who had the higher second serve points won percentage won 4 out of the last […]

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10 Things to Stop Doing Before a Tennis Match

Preparing yourself for battle is key, and if you don’t do it the right way, you could be putting all your tennis training to waste. After thinking about my own experiences, observing other players, and hearing feedback from my coaches and parents, I compiled a list of 10 things to stop doing before a tennis […]

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15 Mistakes Tennis Players Need to Correct

While I have had a successful career playing tennis, there are many things about the game that I wish I had known earlier in my career. I am going to share 15 mistakes that tennis players need to correct with you so that you can accelerate your tennis growth. Commit to these pieces of advice […]

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7 Andy Murray Wimbledon

6 Tips to Improve Your Tennis Game Now

Have you ever felt like your tennis game has stagnated?  You play matches and win the easy ones, but can’t seem to beat the same guy who you’ve lost to 6-4 6-4 for the 100th time in the past 3 years.  And you haven’t improved that same old weak backhand and inconsistent serve even though you […]

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Djokovic serve

5 Reasons to Practice Your Tennis Serve

The tennis serve is the most important shot in tennis.  If I could revisit the past, preferably through a time machine (sooner than you think?), I would find the best tennis coach for serve technique.  I would then serve buckets upon heaping buckets of tennis balls until exhaustion (with perfect technique, of course).  It worked […]

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Hard Courts vs Clay Courts Picture

Hard Courts vs Clay Courts: An Infograph

I have gotten a lot of questions lately from people about the difference between hard courts and clay courts.  Both surfaces differ, from the materials and appearance, to the effect on your game. I decided it would be neat to create an infograph detailing the differences between hard courts vs clay courts, and how you can […]

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1 Sweat While Playing Tennis

Sweat While Playing Tennis: How to Stay Dry

It’s 5 all in the third set of your local club tournament.  You step up to hit a second serve and….the racquet flies out of your hand. Not only do you lose the point and the game, but your racquet is cracked.  Want to avoid this scenario?  Here are some tips to combat sweat while playing tennis: […]

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