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Tennis Technique Summit v2

Announcing The 2017 Tennis Technique Summit!

After nearly 4 months of┬áhard work, I’m proud to announce that I’ll be hosting the world’s first online tennis conference: The 2017 Tennis Technique Summit! From March 22-27, you’ll be able to watch the coaches and I talk about tennis on your computer and smartphone. And you can get a free ticket to watch all […]

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1 Groundstroke Killer: Leaning Back

Photo by: Mike McCune – CC BY 2.0A couple years ago, I had a lesson with a former ATP pro and coach of the Chinese Women’s National Tennis Team, Ni Chang Hong. He quickly detected a deficiency in my game that is rampant among tennis players, especially amateurs: falling back while hitting groundstrokes. Throughout my lesson, […]

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13 The 5 Basic Tennis Strokes – An Overview

By: Edwin Martinez – CC BY 2.0There are five fundamental tennis strokes that every player needs to learn. Let’s go through the basics of each one:1. ServePhoto by: Roman Boed – CC BY 2.0The serve is the most important shot in tennis. All points begin with a serve. The key to this stroke is fluidity, […]

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