TFP 126: The Power of Positive Thinking with Wheelchair Tennis Pro Kaitlyn Verfuerth

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On Episode 124 of The Tennis Files Podcast, you’ll hear clips of my interviews with several world class mental experts and tennis players about how to break through mental barriers and achieve your potential. This episode features Dr. Peter Scales, Jeff Salzenstein, Jeff Greenwald, Michael Russell, Fazal Syed, and yours truly. Special thanks to all my fantastic guests for sharing their knowledge and expertise about the mental game on the podcast.

On the show, you’ll learn why removing your ego is essential for progress, how to make the right choice regardless of your past, mindset and character development tips, the importance of knowing your why’s, how to stay disciplined, why having a great mentor is crucial to a great career, and much more!

I really hope you enjoy this episode! If you like the format, let me know in the comments below!

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