TFP 223: How to Simplify Your Serve and Develop a Winning Mindset with Karue Sell

FB TFP 223_ How to Simplify Your Serve and Develop a Winning Mindset with Karue Sell

On Episode 223 of The Tennis Files Podcast, I spoke with elite tennis pro Karue Sell about how you can simplify your serve and develop a winning mindset.

Karue achieved a career high #371 ATP Tour ranking, 15.01 UTR rating, and is Naomi Osaka’s practice partner. He won over 100 matches at UCLA and reached the NCAA team final. Karue has won several Futures tournaments and he has defeated many ATP Pros including Dominic Thiem, Kyle Edmund, and Hugo Dellien. Karue co-founded MyTennisHQ and spends much of his time creating excellent online content to help you play better tennis.

On the show, you’ll learn a simple drill to generate more serve power that Karue picked up from Naomi Osaka, the difference between the pinpoint and platform stance and which one you should use, the keys to succeeding in college tennis and on the pro tour, the mental attitude you need to win more matches, every single racquet that Karue has used from his first day playing tennis, and much more!

I hope you enjoy my interview with Karue! Let us know what you think about this episode in the comments below!

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