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2 5 Reasons to Practice Your Tennis Serve

Photo by: escribileamauro – CC BY 2.0The tennis serve is the most important shot in tennis.  If I could revisit the past, preferably through a time machine (sooner than you think?), I would find the best tennis coach for serve technique.  I would then serve buckets upon heaping buckets of tennis balls until exhaustion (with […]

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16 How to Beat a Pusher: 5 Surefire Tactics

Photo by: Edwin Martinez – CC BY 2.0I would like to establish that I have all the respect in the world for pushers.  While they tend to lack firepower, or may have ugly strokes, they often persevere through sheer willpower and an I will not miss a ball attitude. That’s a tough player to beat. So […]

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Hard Courts vs Clay Courts Picture

Hard Courts vs Clay Courts: An Infograph

I have gotten a lot of questions lately from people about the difference between hard courts and clay courts. ┬áBoth surfaces differ, from the materials and appearance, to the effect on your game. I decided it would be neat┬áto create an infograph detailing the differences between hard courts vs clay courts, and how you can […]

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