TFP 008: Life on the Futures Tour with Tennis Pro Collin Johns

Life on the Futures Tour with Tennis Pro Collin Johns

ATP Pro Collin Johns talks about his experiences playing on the Futures Tour. Futures events are lower-tier professional tournaments where tennis players grind out wins to move up in the rankings. Collin has picked up ATP points in Futures events all over the world, including places like South Africa, Nicaragua, Israel, and Mexico.

Collin spoke to me about the difficulties, expenses, and problems that he faces playing these Futures events. Collin also told me how he got his start playing tennis, his junior career, his unique training methods, and how he went from a 3-star recruit to competing and winning against the best players in the world.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What it is like to play on the Futures Tour
  • Why Collin decided to play tennis with two-forehands
  • Collin’s top strategic and mental tips for tennis success
  • How he pushes himself to grind out ATP points on the tour
  • Thoughtful ways to train when you don’t have access to a tennis court
  • How Collin went from a 3-star on to the pro tour
  • The pay structure of Futures Tournaments
  • How you can lose college tennis eligibility 6 months after graduating high-school

and more…

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