TFP 006: Simplify Your Tennis Technique with Tomaz Mencinger

TFP 006: Simplify Your Tennis Technique with Tomaz Mencinger

Tomaz Mencinger from shows us a simpler way to learn and play tennis more efficiently with his unique feel-based approach to the game.  Tomaz talks about how spending thousands of hours hitting down the middle of the court with intention and focusing on biomechanics helped him develop superior technique.

He debunks several myths among the tennis community and helps us understand how and why we unnecessarily end up overcomplicating how we think about hitting a tennis ball.  Tomaz also gives us his top mental mindset tips, and explains why simplifying a player’s learning environment and removing stress variables is the best way to learn a new technique or strategy.  

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to simplify the way you learn tennis
  • Why you should focus on biomechanics instead of form
  • How hitting down the middle can massively improve your technique
  • Why playing other sports can help your tennis game
  • How and why you must hit with intention
  • The importance of anticipation
  • How many players overload their mental capacity when learning technique
  • The benefits of meditation and relaxation techniques
  • Why believing you should make every ball can destroy your game
  • Why it is crucial to quiet the mind when playing tennis

…and more.

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