TFP 072: How to Improve Your Tennis Technique

TFP 072: How to Improve Your Tennis Technique

On Episode 72 of The Tennis Files Podcast, I talk about best practices when changing your tennis technique.  On this solo episode, you'll learn whether you need to change your technique, what strokes you should work on, best practices for changing your technique, how to ensure you won't revert to your old technique, and more!  

Today's episode is based on a presentation I gave on The Tennis Technique Summit, which included over 30 world-class tennis coaches. There was so much amazing information on that summit, that I decided to talk about how to use that knowledge to improve your tennis technique.

I hope you enjoy this episode!  Let me know what you think about this one in the comments below!

Show Notes

  • Do you need to make technical changes to your game?
  • Evaluating your game; strengths and weaknesses
  • Recording your play and the benefits
  • The biggest return on your investment
  • Focusing on one change at a time
  • Mapping out your vision for the future and SMART Goals
  • Mind Mapping (I use Mindmeister)
  • Reducing environmental pressures when changing your technique and progressions
  • Trusting your coaches
  • Don’t revert back to your old technique
  • Enjoy the learning process
  • Focus and intensity on the court

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