TFP 043: How to Run a Successful Tennis Program with Matt Bilger

TFP 043: How to Run a Successful Tennis Program with Matt Bilger

On today’s show I had the pleasure of speaking with Matt Bilger, Director of Tennis at Chantilly National Golf and Country Club. Matt was my former assistant coach at The University of Maryland, Baltimore County where I played Division I college tennis. He always kept our team positive and ready to handle adversity. Matt brings the same expertise and energy to the court with his current players, and it was my pleasure to interview Matt on the podcast.

Matt and I discussed his passion for the game and tips for running a successful tennis program. Matt talks about his approach for teaching club level players, how he structures the program, and common mistakes that he fixes in his students’ games.

It was awesome to speak with Matt and I appreciate the enthusiasm and effort that he brings to every lesson and clinic he teaches. Enjoy the episode and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Time-Stamped Show Notes

  • [4:15] Matt journey from a late start in tennis to Director at a country club
  • [5:58] How Matt’s mentor influenced his passion for tennis
  • [7:22] At what age did Matt start playing competitive tennis?
  • [8:43] Advice for aspiring Directors of a tennis/country club
  • [12:18] How Matt overcame the lowest point in his career
  • [14:17] What are three things the world doesn’t know about Matt Bilger?
  • [15:57] Three of the biggest mistakes that Matt sees club players make
  • [17:28] The structure of tennis programs at Chantilly National.
  • [19:02] How Matt gets more players to be engaged and participate in your programs, particularly with social media
  • [20:32] How to fix technical issues in club players
  • [22:03] How to approach teaching beginner tennis players
  • [24:10] Matt’s affable personality; was it always this way?
  • [25:30] How to maintain motivation teaching long hours
  • [27:04] What are 3 tips to improve our serves?
  • [29:19] How Matt incorporates fitness into his clinics
  • [31:15] Some of Matt’s favorite tennis drills
  • [33:10] Favorite tennis books?
  • [34:08] The best advice Matt’s ever been given about tennis
  • [35:23] One key tip to help tennis players improve their game
  • [36:22] Where we can follow Matt online and on social media

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Links Mentioned in the Show

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Winning Ugly – Brad Gilbert

Agassi’s Book – Open

Pete Sampras – A Champion’s Mind: Lessons From a Life in Tennis

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