TFP 077: How to Crush Your Goals in 2019

TFP 077: How to Crush Your Goals in 2019

On today's episode of The Tennis Files Podcast, I walk you through the steps you must take to reach your goals in 2019. Many of us get excited when the new year starts and we create goals for ourselves.  However, 80% of new year's resolutions fail by February.  That's why on Episode 77 of TFP, I walk you through a full-proof method, that if you follow, will push you past inevitable roadblocks so that you can achieve your goals and have amazing success in 2019.

We have all struggled to follow through on our goals and kick bad habits, which is why I have been reading a lot about self-improvement and how we can give ourselves the best chance of accomplishing what we set out to do.  On the show, I talk about evaluating your 2018, setting goals for 2019, strategies for creating and sticking with good habits, consistency, my favorite tools for helping you achieve your goals, and more!

I really hope you enjoy this episode!  If you like this how-to format, let me know in the comments below so that I can record more episodes like this one in the future!

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Show Notes

  • Evaluating how your 2018 went
  • How to set new goals
  • Writing your goals down
  • Planning a consistent schedule
  • Attaching accountability to your goal
  • How to track your progress
  • Seeking coaching, help, and problem solving
  • Attaching a reward to sticking to your goals/habits
  • Keeping in mind the "why" to stay motivated
  • Tackling your priorities in the morning
  • Tools and Books (see links below)

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