TFP 019: 7 Reasons Why You Lose Tennis Matches

TFP 019: 7 Reasons Why You Lose Tennis Matches

On today’s episode, I discuss 7 reasons that caused me to lose my match in a men’s open tournament this past weekend. Analyzing your losses and figuring out what to improve is one of the most important things you can do for your tennis game. After I lost, I was more motivated than ever to ramp up my training and play better tennis.

I walked through my matches in the tournament and discovered 7 crucial mistakes that I made before and during my match against the #4 seed. Despite our best intentions, we don’t always perform our best and end up losing matches, but as long as we can take away something positive from our experience and commit to taking bold action to develop our tennis game, we have won.

On this episode, you will learn:

  • Why warming up is crucial to peak performance
  • Why you should stay true to your game
  • The mindset you need to have before competing
  • Why your serve is the most important stroke in your arsenal
  • Why getting in position takes precedence over stroke mechanics
  • The role of fitness in your tennis game
  • The difference between 4.0-5.0+ level players
  • How replicating match conditions will help you play better in tournaments

and more.

I really appreciate you tuning in to this episode, and I hope that you can take something away from my tournament experience!

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