TFP 031: 7 Effective Technical Fixes for Your Tennis Game

TFP 031: 7 Technical Fixes For Your Tennis Game

On today’s show, I discuss 7 of the best technique tips I’ve ever learned in my 20+ years of playing and coaching tennis. These tips are awesome because they are easy to implement, and you will notice the positive effects on your game immediately. Pick one to use during your next hitting session and you will be really pleased with the results!

The technique tips that I discuss cover different parts of your game, from the serve to groundstrokes and volleys. I racked my brain trying to think of which tips I’ve received that would offer the most value to you, my loyal and awesome audience, and I really hope you enjoy what I came up with. Let me know how the tips work out for you in the comments section below!

On this episode, you will learn tips to instantly improve the following problems:

  • Hitting the ball too short
  • Inconsistent and weak serves
  • Inability to follow-through on your strokes
  • Erratic volleys
  • Framing or shanking your groundstrokes, serves and volleys
  • Hitting serves into the net
  • Balance issues while serving

Do me a huge favor and share this episode so that everyone can benefit from the value this episode will bring to your game!

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Take bold action by implementing one of these technical tips above, and let me know how it helps your tennis game in the comments section below!

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