TFP 047: Longevity and Success in Tennis with Charlie Hoeveler

TFP 047: Longevity and Success in Tennis with Charlie Hoeveler

Today I spoke with Charlie Hoeveler, CEO and Founder of US Sports Camps. Charlie discussed his secrets to success and longevity in tennis and how he manages to run the largest sports camps organizations in the world.

Charlie is also a very accomplished player and gave some fantastic advice on how older players can continue to be successful in the sport. He has been ranked number one in the world in singles (ITF) in 1991 (45’s), 1995 (50’s) and #2 in 2001 (55’s) as well as #1 in singles in the U.S. twice (1990 and 2001). Charlie has won 48 Gold Balls for USTA national championships in singles (11), doubles (11), mixed doubles (2), and Father/Son (24) with a string of 24 consecutive years with a Gold Ball (1990 through 2013).

Charlie and his VP’s of Tennis, Matt, Wendy and Siera, have managed to snag some of the best coaches in the country to run their programs, including Paul Goldstein, Stanford University Men’s Tennis Coach, and Billy Pate, Princeton Men’s Tennis Coach.

In addition to his tennis accomplishments, Charlie is a Founding Member National Junior Tennis League of San Francisco, The Charles Schwab Youth Foundation, Special Olympics organizer in Marin County (CA). Charlie is also an Honorary Member of the IC of Great Britain and a member of the USTA/Norcal Hall of Fame.

Here’s what you’ll learn in my interview with Charlie:

  • What Charlie loves the most about tennis.
  • His first memory on the court.
  • Charlie’s tennis idols growing up and a legend he got to hit with.
  • If he could give his younger self advice on how to play better tennis, what he would tell himself.
  • Charlie’s secrets to success and longevity in tennis.
  • His routine before tennis matches.
  • Charlie’s advice to senior players on how they can keep playing
  • How US Sports Camps and Nike Tennis Camps was born
  • How many players have gone through US Sports Camps and Nike Tennis Camps’s camps (hint: its a lot!).
  • The structure and duration of Nike Tennis Camps.
  • What sets US Sports Camps and Nike Tennis Camps apart from other tennis camps.
  • One key piece of advice to help tennis players improve their games.

And more!

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