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TFP 005: From South Africa to the ATP Tour with Punch Maleka

Today on TFP I spoke with Punch Maleka, former ATP professional.  Punch hails from South Africa and he told me about his experiences training in his home country that equipped him with the tools and mental attitudes to succeed on the tour.  He has defeated several top 300 players while he was a professional, and is still crushing it in mens open money tournaments at the age of 37.

Punch recently defeated two ATP players, one currently ranked in the top #250.  Punch also coaches students at the Gulph Mills Tennis Club in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.  His passion and knowledge of the game shines as brightly as his tennis career in this interview.  You don’t want to miss all the wonderful advice and tips that Punch told me on the fifth episode of TFP.

In this episode, we learn about:

  • What it was like to train in South Africa
  • The importance of having great mentors and coaches
  • How character and integrity determine your true success in life
  • How to play more efficiently by watching other players
  • Training with a purpose instead of training for volume
  • How nutrition is critical to your performance and training
  • Why you must develop your tools before you can compete effectively
  • How training with weaker players can help your game
  • What it was like to play a close match against James Blake
  • The difference between the top levels of the ATP Tour
  • Training with Wayne Ferreira, Raven Klaasen and Punch’s brother KB
  • How to play at a high-level well into your 30s

I really enjoyed speaking with Punch about all the experiences that helped shape him into the successful tennis player and person that he is today.  I’m sure you will learn a ton from listening to my conversation with Punch.

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Show Notes

Punch’s Email Address

Steve Smith Tennis

Bophuthatswana – The formerly independent state of South Africa where Punch first trained as a junior

TFP004: 10 Key Concepts for Tennis Success

TFP 004: 10 Key Concepts for Tennis Success

Today on TFP I talk about 10 crucial concepts that every tennis player needs to understand and implement in order to maximize their tennis potential.  Most tennis players don’t succeed because they lack the commitment to one or more of these principles. Change the way you approach the game at a higher level and you will be well on your way to becoming a great tennis player.

In this episode, you will learn how to:

  • Remove self-imposed limitations 
  • Turn fear into strength
  • Focus on what matters most
  • Overcome negativity
  • Prioritize for maximum results, and more.

Thanks for checking out my episode on 10 Keys to Tennis Success. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email me at, or leave a comment below!

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The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

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TFP003: How to Become an ATP Pro with Paul Harsanyi

TFP 003: How to Become an ATP Pro with Paul Harsanyi, Former Professional Tennis Player

Our guest today is former ATP professional Paul Harsanyi.  Paul talks us through his training, how he was able to rise to the professional level, and the key differences between the top-ranked players.

Paul reached a career high ranking of 751 in the world. Paul has also been extremely successful in his career after tennis, thanks to the principles that he learned while training to become an elite tennis player.

In this episode, we will cover:

  • How to handle pressure
  • The importance of playing against better players
  • Drills to improve your game
  • Playing to your strengths
  • Key differences between skill levels
  • Being realistic about your tennis career
  • Mental strategies on big points

and other awesome content.

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I hope you gained a lot of value from this episode of TFP with former ATP Pro Paul Harsanyi. Thanks for listening!

Links Mentioned on the Show

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Paul’s Website

My free eBook: The Building Blocks of Tennis Success

TFP002: Focus on the Process with Keith Puryear

TFP 002: Focus on the Process with Keith Puryear, Head Coach of Navy Women’s Tennis

My guest on this episode is Keith Puryear, Head Coach of the Navy Women’s tennis team. Keith has over 560 wins as a coach at the Division I level, and he was my college tennis coach when I played at UMBC.

He has been recognized as the USPTA Mid-Atlantic Section College Coach of the Year, and the Wilson ITA Atlantic Region Coach of the Year.

Keith has taught so many people, including me, how to be great tennis players and even better people by focusing on the process and improving.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Keys to being a successful player
  • How to play big points
  • Drills to help you improve your game
  • Focusing on the process
  • High Percentage return strategies
  • Winning Point Patterns
  • The importance of doubles
  • Setting Goals
  • Fundamentals

…and more.

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I hope you enjoy my interview with Keith, and I am confident that if you take his advice, you will drastically improve your game.

Links from the Show

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30 College Tennis Coaches Reveal Top Character Traits of Successful Student-Athletes

Navy Women’s Tennis Twitter Page

Navy Women’s Tennis Facebook Page

Keith’s Email Address

My Free eBook: The Building Blocks of Tennis Success

The Tennis Files Podcast

TFP 001: The First Episode of The Tennis Files Podcast!

The Tennis Files Podcast is here!

The Tennis Files PodcastOver the past couple months, I realized how amazing it would be to start a podcast devoted to helping you improve your tennis game.  Podcasts are awesome because people can listen to them from just about anywhere.

During December and January, I read books, articles, and watched video tutorials on how to start podcasting. Then I recorded my first episode, deleted it, recorded it, deleted that one too, and finally recorded one that I liked.  Third time is the charm, I suppose!

After that, I scheduled two interviews: one with an extremely successful coach and another with a former ATP Pro. I recorded those episodes, and will be releasing them within the next few days (stay tuned!).

The Tennis Files Podcast (TFP for short) will be a weekly podcast. It is unique from the other tennis podcasts out there, because I will interview top tennis experts and ask them for advice on how to help you become a better tennis player.

There are several podcasts devoted to the pro game, and another handful that give instruction and tips, but I haven’t seen one that consistently interviews players, coaches, and other tennis experts to learn from their experiences and help their listeners improve their tennis skills.

While many of my episodes will be interviews, I will also host several solo shows as well. On those episodes, I will tell you everything that I have learned and am learning about the game that will help you play better tennis.

I truly believe that you will benefit immensely from listening to the show, and I will find the best guests that I can to help you break through your struggles and reach your tennis potential. I am committed to helping you improve your game.

I hope you enjoy the show! If you do, please share TFP and this episode with your friends by clicking the button that looks like a triangle on the podcast player! Thanks for listening!


Within the next week or so, The Tennis Files Podcast will be on iTunes and other podcast directories!  Soon you will be able to listen to future episodes on either or iTunes and through other podcast apps (I will submit TFP to all the ones I can find!).  Once the show is up on iTunes, I will update this page and future podcast entries with a link to subscribe to The Tennis Files Podcast on iTunes.

Show Notes

On this episode, I introduce you to Tennis Files and the reason why I created it: to help you improve your tennis game. Since this is the first episode, I also give you some background on who I am, and my passion for tennis.  I explain how TFP is unique from the other tennis podcasts, and speak about the benefits of playing tennis.

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