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I’m Mehrban, and I created Tennis Files to help you improve your tennis game. I share your passion for tennis, and I want to provide you with the highest-quality content to help you become the best player you can be.

Whether you are just starting to learn the game, or have been playing all your life, you have come to the right place to help you get better at playing tennis.

Tennis is not easy: one has to continually improve technically, physically, and mentally to be successful. This is where Tennis Files comes in handy.

Tennis File-osophy: Continual Improvement

In order to get better at tennis, you need to stay motivated and set goals. You will only reach your goals if you dedicate yourself to continual improvement.

I know that I can help you keep improving your tennis game for two very important reasons.

(1) I love tennis and want to keep improving,

(2) I have been a nationally ranked junior, played Division I college tennis, am rated at the 5.0 level, and currently compete in open level tournaments, and

(3) I love seeing people improve their tennis games.

I am committed to finding out the best strategies, tools, and information that will help us both reach our tennis potential. And it would be an honor to have you come along with me on our tennis journey.

As I keep learning new information and writing more posts, I will add the material to the sections below.

Must-Read for Beginners

Players who are just starting to play tennis must begin on the right foot. Otherwise, beginners may pick up bad habits that will hamper their development and halt their progress. If you just started playing tennis or consider yourself a beginner, make sure to check out the articles below:

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Articles for Intermediate and Advanced Players

Players who have been playing a while need to hone their technical, mental, and physical skills. While stagnation is always a threat for tennis players, if you can keep setting goals and do everything you can to achieve them, you will improve your tennis game. To elevate your play, check out my posts below:

How To Hit Deeper Groundstrokes

How To Hit Effective Approach Shots

5 Reasons to Practice Your Tennis Serve

How To Beat A Pusher: 5 Surefire Tactics

Most Popular Articles

The articles below are my most read and favorited articles from my fans.  I encourage you to check out these posts simply because I have gotten a lot of great feedback and tons of shares for these articles.

15 Mistakes Tennis Players Need to Correct

30 College Tennis Coaches Reveal Top Character Traits of Successful Student-Athletes

6 Tips to Improve Your Tennis Game

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Thank You

I want to thank everybody that has contributed to my tennis knowledge and everyone who reads my posts. You’re the ones who motivate me to keep putting out the best tennis content. 

Together we will keep improving our tennis skills and have fun doing it too. That’s my Tennis File-osophy 🙂 

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