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SMART Goal Setting For Tennis Players

According to research, only 8% of people accomplish their New Year’s Resolutions. Few people set goals, and even fewer accomplish them. What’s all this goal-setting hubbub got to do with tennis? Many of us desperately want to become highly-skilled tennis players. We dream of winning big matches, striking winners in clutch situations, and hoisting shiny […]

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4 Crush Your Goals Sense with a Sense of Urgency

How to Crush Your Goals with a Sense of Urgency

A couple days ago, I looked back on all of my biggest accomplishments. I wondered what made those times different from many other moments in my life, when I took the easy road, pursued temporary instead of long-lasting pleasures, and kept putting tasks off until the next day. I remembered the two weeks before 2012 sectionals, when I did sprints up […]

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Djokovic Masterful Defense

Djokovic’s Masterful Defense Defeats Nishikori in Miami

Novak Djokovic’s defensive skills are breathtaking. Today the Serb defeated Japanese Ace and 6th-seed Kei Nishikori 6-3 6-3 to win the 2016 Miami Open. A majority of players who face the speed and firepower of a player like Nishikori eventually struggle to get the ball back in the court. But Djokovic is on another level. […]

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1 Optimize Your Environment for Learning Tennis Technique

Photo by: Windsor Tennis Club Belfast – CC BY 2.0When we change our technique, the goal is simple: to become proficient at it as quickly as possible.  Yet many of us sabotage our progress by practicing technique in an environment which prevents us from focusing on the technique alone. We must understand that the type of […]

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How to Handle the Pressure on Big Points

Photo by: Edwin Martinez – CC BY 2.0Most of us dread playing under pressure.  It’s 5-all in the tiebreaker and doubts begin to creep into your mind.  Your hands start sweating, you think about how badly you need to win the point, and you picture yourself double faulting to a chorus of boos and face-palms.  This […]

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2 Controlled Aggression: Dictating Points

Photo by Mehrban IranshadControlled aggression is the most effective way to win a tennis match. There are three main ways that tennis players attempt to defeat their opponents.Wait for opponent’s errorGo for winnersControlled aggressionWhat is Controlled Aggression?Controlled aggression means taking control of points by playing high-percentage tennis. This style of tennis differentiates itself from waiting for an […]

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Kei Nishikori Practice Videos – 2015 Citi Open

While reporting on the 2015 Citi Open for Tennisfiles, I had the privilege of watching some of the best tennis players in the world practice before their matches. I took several videos of Kei Nishikori, 2015 Citi Open champion, practicing his backhand, forehand, and serve.  Check out the videos below and analyze Nishikori’s form, preparation, […]

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3 Win More Doubles Matches – The Body Serve

Photo by: Roman Boed – CC BY 2.0The most effective and underutilized serve in doubles is the serve to the body. Serving to the body is optimal because returners have more trouble directing this serve where they wants it to go (i.e. away from the net player). If a serve is hit to the body, the player must […]

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The Key Statistic That Wins Tennis Matches

The Key Statistic That Wins Tennis Matches – tennisfiles.comThe key statistic that wins tennis matches more than any other is second serve points won percentage. How do I know this? I’ve got the raw data to prove it. Take a look at the infographic I created below. The player who had the higher second serve points won percentage […]

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